Sunday, 22 November 2009

abstract paintings/drawings, stone carvings, assemblages, poetry,haiku, haibun, tanka, Zen gardens, calligraphy

The stone carvings, originally influenced by early Goddess forms from the Balkans, and later, Hinduism, developed, through an early interest in Zen Buddhism into simplified abstract forms of a spiritual/votive nature, often sited in purpose built shrinelike areas of the garden, and part of an ongoing process. The labyrinth often features, as do certain aspects of shamanism.

The paintings have gone through an early, 'hard edge' stage to 'spot' paintings and later to semi figurative images rooted in Tantrism, via expressionism with its 'inner necessity', to the present interest and influence of Japanese calligraphy. As seen at a recent exhibition in the Norwich Forum called 'East Meets East'.

The assemblages, an ongoing process, come from a recent spell of living on the north Norfolk coast. They are constructed from found materials, smashed remains, detritis, acretions, often with additional paint, featuring wear and tear, Wabi Sabi.

I first started writing poetry at Hornsey Art School back in the late fifties, while here met Brian Coffey, the last poet of his generation, who became a mentor and close friend. Helped him set up Advent Books, as a designer,typographer,printer. Had three chapbooks published at the time, all now out of print. 'Poems', 'Poems 1', and 'Songs For The Poodles'. The Fabulous Poodles were a rock band that I wrote the lyrics for. Later I became involved with Asa Benveniste, ex New York beat poet who set up Trigram Press, again as printer/typographer, silk screen printer. I worked at St Martins School of Art at the time, where I set up and ran the Printmaking Department.

An interest in Zen led me to R H Blyth, and his ground breaking books on haiku ,in the late sixties. This has developed over the past few years (as a member of the British Haiku Society) into a way of life. I have been runner up in the James Hackett Award for haiku, highly commended in the Nobuyuki Yuasa International English Haibun Contest 2004, Grand Prix in the First International Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2009, and third in the Klostar Ivanic International Haiku Contest 2009. Published in the Red Moon Anthology 'White Lies' regularly published in 'Presence', published in the 'Haiku Canada Review', Kokako NZ,NOON journal of the short poem, and a regular contributor to 'KO Magazine' for haiku-Japan.

I have had two books of haiku published, 'Choosing The Stone' 2005 by Hub Editions, and
'On The Journey Home', also by Hub Editions, 2008. There is another one ready for print.
Previous chapbooks.
Poems-St Martins typography dept, Poems 1-Advent Books, Songs For The Poodles-Advent Books, A Shadow Across Closed Lids-Labyrinth Books (word sonnets),Three Mountains-Labyrinth Books.